Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where to begin?

Well I guess this is it... my first blog post. First off, Hello! (if anyone out there is reading).

Today's been a lazy Sunday - I'm feeling down for no apparent reason. I'm ready for tomorrow, Monday's always a great day to start fresh, don't you think? Tomorrow is the start of my new, healthier life!

First off I just wanted to go over everything I'm going to be covering in this blog:

  • Daily Eats, Health Topics
  • Exercise & My path to running my FIRST half-marathon
  • Beauty Tips, Reviews & Ideas

Alright so back to the blogging. Let's look at what I made yesterday, who says university students can't cook?

First - Gluten Free Bagels, I found the recipe at

 I modified the recipe to make it healthier, substituting apple sauce for shortening, raw organic cane sugar instead of regular sugar, etc. I made two flax/pumpkin seed bagels and two cinnamon/raisin.  I wasn't completely happy with them, a little too 'yeasty' (is that a word?) for my liking. I think I'm going to retry this recipe with a little more sugar or apple sauce to sweeten next time, and make all  of them cinnamon/raisin - they were my favorite.

Next I made Gluten Free cornmeal bread, I'd never had it before and tried to create my own healthified recipe of it:

Delicious! I tried one piece smothered in Earth Balance, and the other in Maranatha Almond Butter. Can you say YUM?!

Well time to hit the books. I've been wasting my time away on the computer today, and my homework pile is growing and growing.

xx Liv

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