Monday, December 19, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

So I got a call from my wonderful mama yesterday, asking if I would mind doing the christmas baking this year. Since I'm done exams and have nothing but time, I agreed without blinking. Who doesn't love an excuse to bake?!

So today I made two delicious treats. The first, a personal favorite, nanaimo bars! Then second, a peanut butter thumbprint cookie. Yum yum!

Nanaimo Bar modified from The Original Nanaimo Bar

1.  So first, we start with the bottom layer. A delish blend of cocoa, butter, sugar, graham cracker crumbs, chopped almonds, and coconut. With all of that in it, how couldn't it taste fantastic!

Once all mixed together, pour onto the bottom of the pan and press flat. I           
  used another 8x8 pan, put wax paper underneath of it, and pressed it down on the bottom layer in order to get it evenly distributed throughout the pan. 

2.  For the second layer, mix together icing sugar, butter, and vanilla custard powder. As I didn't have Vanilla custard powder, I just used original custard powder and added vanilla flavoring to the mix. Tasted fine to me!

Now spread that gooey goodness onto the bottom layer!

3.  For the third layer, melt 4 squares of Baker's Semi-sweet chocolate and 2 tablespoons butter. Be careful not to burn!

And finally pour that chocolate on top and leave the finished product to set in the fridge... or eat it all. 

Obviously, I wasn't sticking to my allergy-free diet when making this. However, as I'm baking these treats for my family, I didn't make them special for myself. Tomorrow I'll be making some healthier options of treats, with certain ingredients that make them okay for me to eat.. we'll see how those turn out. 

I also made these thumbprint cookies today. Can you say scrumptious?! I'll post the recipe tomorrow... or later this evening. Hey, I've got nothing but time these days!