Monday, January 17, 2011

Mondays Suck.

Mondays are the worst, aren't they? I couldn't fall asleep until around 2 am last night, and I had plan to wake up around 6:30 am this morning to start preparing myself for getting up early early for clinical - but stupid me slept in until 7:45! I had to rush out to my 8:30 class and was exhausted! Still had time to whip up my green monster though :)
Spinach, Banana, Blueberries, Flax seeds, Chocolate AmazingGrass, Almond Milk. Yum!

That went fast!

So I got to class and ended up having the worst headache ever! My head was pounding and I could barely see straight. I ended up skipping my second class to come back to my room and snooze. Much needed! I had some carrots and hummus for a snack, and once I got really hungry I made myself a big bowl of hot oatmeal. So GOOD!
I made the fresh oats with water, then I added raisins, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, a big spoonful of raw almond butter, and some unsweetened almond breeze. A protein-packed meal - to die for! You can't go wrong with a big hearty bowl of oatmeal.

After that had one more class, and now I'm back in my cozy (aka tiny) little room. I've got tons of homework to do, and also want to get some grocery shopping in. I've decided I'm going to invest in a food processor so I can make my own larabars and almond butter. Yummo!

Bootcamp tonight at 7 pm. I'll also be back to post my weekly training plan :)

I'm thinking about buying shape ups to wear at work. Anyone have any experience with them? 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Result of my Shopping

So now that I've got my new toaster oven and I'm reading and RARING to start baking I knew I needed some supplies. I went out shopping today, and here are the results of my plunder...

  •  4 Different-sized Organizing Jars (Have oats, Rice flour, Tapioca flour, & Pumpkin seeds in them)
  • Muffin Baking Pan
  • Muffin Cups
  • Bread Pan (Already a little burnt due to my corn bread adventure...)
  • Rolling Pin
  • Storing Container
  • Fancy Glass perfect for GREEN MONSTERS :)
And I got this is all cheap, cheap, cheap too! Want to know a 'starving student's' best friend? THE DOLLAR STORE! Seriously guys, check it out - you wouldn't believe the stuff you'll find there. I got everything on the left for about six dollars!
The jars I did get from Wal-mart however, but they were on sale (how could I resist)!

I'm having trouble getting started on my homework. It seems like the more I have to do, the less I want to do it.  Why don't we look at my night's cooking instead??

I made gluten-free spaghetti for dinner. I got the recipe from, but modified it a bit by adding more veggies and taking out the tomatoes (I'm not a tomato fan):
Start by sauteing garlic and onions in a frying pan for about 15 minutes. (My corn bread is cooling next door)

Add any other veggies that you're craving, I chose red peppers and spinach.

Once the veggies are at your preferred tenderness, add rice noodles (which you should've already cooked following the package instructions). Top with basil and chives - I just went by taste for how much I should add. 

Top with balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, & ENJOY!

This turned out fantastic, and I've got plenty of leftovers for dinners this week :)

Well I guess I should get back to the homework grind. Just thought I'd leave you with a neat-o picture of my new glass.

Now if that glass isn't perfect for green monsters, than I don't know what is!

Where to begin?

Well I guess this is it... my first blog post. First off, Hello! (if anyone out there is reading).

Today's been a lazy Sunday - I'm feeling down for no apparent reason. I'm ready for tomorrow, Monday's always a great day to start fresh, don't you think? Tomorrow is the start of my new, healthier life!

First off I just wanted to go over everything I'm going to be covering in this blog:

  • Daily Eats, Health Topics
  • Exercise & My path to running my FIRST half-marathon
  • Beauty Tips, Reviews & Ideas

Alright so back to the blogging. Let's look at what I made yesterday, who says university students can't cook?

First - Gluten Free Bagels, I found the recipe at

 I modified the recipe to make it healthier, substituting apple sauce for shortening, raw organic cane sugar instead of regular sugar, etc. I made two flax/pumpkin seed bagels and two cinnamon/raisin.  I wasn't completely happy with them, a little too 'yeasty' (is that a word?) for my liking. I think I'm going to retry this recipe with a little more sugar or apple sauce to sweeten next time, and make all  of them cinnamon/raisin - they were my favorite.

Next I made Gluten Free cornmeal bread, I'd never had it before and tried to create my own healthified recipe of it:

Delicious! I tried one piece smothered in Earth Balance, and the other in Maranatha Almond Butter. Can you say YUM?!

Well time to hit the books. I've been wasting my time away on the computer today, and my homework pile is growing and growing.

xx Liv